What does it mean to become an adult?

Becoming an adult is different for everyone. For some young people it means living on their own or going to university. For others, it means starting your first real job and becoming financially independent. Whatever the circumstances, becoming an adult means taking responsibility for your life.

Becoming a self-advocate

In other words, becoming an adult means becoming a self-advocate. It means taking responsibility for your own actions and understanding how they affect the rest of the world. It also means understanding how your environment affects you.If you are a self-advocate, then you know how to make choices based on your preferences, beliefs and abilities, choices that allow you to succeed in the world.To become a self-advocate, you need maturity and experience, as well as some knowledge and skills, but there is more to it than that.You need some perspective as well.

The adult in a legal sense

From a legal perspective and in the case of individuals, adulthood is the point at which the law establishes that there is full capacity to act. This implies an increase in both the person’s rights and responsibilities. It should be remembered that in some legal systems the term “adult” is not synonymous with the physiological sense. At this stage of life, the individual normally reaches the fullness of his or her biological and psychic development. His personality and character are relatively firm and secure, with all the individual differences that may occur in reality. Adulthood in Homo sapiens is divided into early adulthood, which ranges from 18-30 years, middle adulthood, 30-65 years and late adulthood, 65 years and older. The last two are often associated with the mature stage in humans. In much of the world, a person is considered fully adult from the age of 25 to 69. In general, it can be said that adulthood implies the legal presumption that the individual has full capacity to decide and act accordingly. Therefore, it means increasing their possibilities to act without the help of their parents or guardians or to perform acts that were previously forbidden because of their minority (e.g. getting married, buying property or working.

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