What does it mean to be more mature?

To be more mature in the way we live is to know how to link these three acts together, a bit like breathing in and out. And this can be applied to all areas of our life: leisure, love life, choices, orientation, work, initiative.

seeing the real for myself and others

The best of all is to be attentive not only to oneself but also to others. “In my first camp as an animator, I was responsible for a group of children all day. I had to keep an eye on them, but above all I had to make sure that there were no problems between them and that the more discreet ones were not victimized by the others,” says Jean-Baptiste, 19. Seeing can also mean simply looking for information: checking the weather before going to the mountains, finding out about a job, calling friends to find out if they are OK. To gain in maturity: if you are particularly dreamy, in the moon, not concrete, not very organized, or a little personal, rather solitary, or even shy, it is this point number 1 that you need to improve. Open your antennae a little wider to reality, and be more attentive to what is happening around you.

Maturity ensures the growth of a person

Maturity is becoming an adult. A fruit goes through a ripening phase, and when this phase is over it can be eaten. The same is true of a child, who goes through a period of maturation to an age when he becomes a young adult, after having been an old child. Maturity is absolutely essential for taking responsibility for one’s adult life. The immaturity of some students, and even of some young professionals, should lead us to reflect on the best way to help the boys and girls entrusted to us to grow up. Maturity is not acquired over time, it is acquired through effort and circumstances. It is an illusion to believe that a boy of 18 who is not mature will be mature at 20, simply by the effect of time. A fruit tree in cold regions needs a greenhouse to grow its fruit, without which, even if it spends a lot of time, it will not ripen. For humans it is exactly the same.

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