How to choose an artificial vagina?

It is not always easy to find a partner that understands your sexual desires and follows your lead. Fortunately, there is an alternative: an artificial vagina. The latter is as personal as choosing a partner, and it will definitely give you the expected pleasure. However, it is important to choose the good one if you want to live an experience that will blow your mind. As usual, we want to give you some tips in order to choose the suitable and best artificial vagina for your pleasure.

Check the materials of manufacture

As you may know, sex toys are made up of several materials. Each substance has distinct qualities which actually make it appropriate for the creation of realistic sensations. While some are safe for your health, others do not have such positive effects. You can check, if you want to know more about it. But first, let’s have a quick look at those that are good for you.
Silicone is the most common material for producing realistic vaginas, as it is smooth and sensitive to the touch and incredibly durable. It is non-allergenic and non-porous, so it will not attract bacteria or other pathogens. Once handled, silicone also immediately warms up, and that makes it an ideal material for imitating human flesh. 
Another common material used in making realistic vaginas is TPE. It is similar to silicone, but is softer and more flexible. Just as silicone, this one is non-porous, making it simple to clean. However, TPE might be more difficult to keep safe. That said, you should be cautious while using sex toys made up of this material. There are other fabrics such as CyberSkin and UR3 (Ultra-Realistic 3D) that can still be used, but they are more expensive than the ones mentioned above.

Consider the texture

Apart from the materials, there are other crucial aspects to keep in mind while choosing an artificial vagina, and we are naming the texture. First and foremost, you should choose textures that are both sensitive and healthy for your body. This includes avoiding sex toys that may cause irritation to your intimate parts, such as latex.
Moreover, it is important to seek for textures that will provide the exact type of stimulation you desire. If you want hard interior stimulation, for example, choose a toy made up of harder silicone or metal. Softer fabrics, such as jelly or velvet, are better for more delicate sensations. There is a wide range of textures available on the market today, so spend some time exploring. After, it’s all about your intimate moments.

Look for smoothness and additional features

The smoothness of both the interior and exterior surfaces of the masturbator is the next element to look for. It is obvious that the human skin sensation of a real vagina can be completely replicated by the artificial pussy, but there should be no cracking components on the material’s surface.
If the sex toy has rechargeable batteries, these components must be properly insulated. Plus, the case of a sex toy must at least be waterproof in order to be correctly cleaned. This will help effectively wipe out any residual grease, preventing bacteria from growing on your sex toy.
Finally, the artificial vagina moving components should also be completely isolated from your body. This is essential for your safety.

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